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“And sometimes i think the world is fake”




“it felt like a rush of memories and emotions. just hit you like a bullet in your heat”

~Amna Malik


why do people closest to your heart betray you? why do the blame every single thing on you? Is it human nature or just a bad obsession?

see? my best friend did it to me. and no … wait ‘was’ best friend… i don’t think we are friends any more. so lets go then. is it human nature to leave someone for someone else? my dear human nature is complicated. and ask yourself these questions or ask me. coz after all i went through…  i will have an answer.

next article i will answer. share your problems coz other wise you are going to drown… really badly.



i had to.

was it really my fault? was really everything my fault. And the one thing i could never understand was how could you link everything bad happen to you link with me? maybe i wasn’t a good friend. since you liked her from the beginning i couldn’t do anything. i tried my best though. always trying to make you satisfied. i really liked you but i think i never really was the one was i? you were my close friend.

Yes my weakness, that fails me all the time. but i always will remember these words you said me

” I changed.move on”

and you only changed in front of me darling but never them. i am sorry. are you?

Women Rights

My Fellow bloggers,

today we are going to be focusing on women rights. Have you ever even thought what does women right means. It isn’t only providing them with food, shelter. But it is much ,much more than these two things.

Food everyone needs food. Food comes under every single category so does shelter. but did anyone ever think about what really does a women want?

A women wants to be free. She wants to go where ever she wants to go without being stopped by anyone. she shouldn’t feel uncomfortable going to the market and all those eyes looking at her as if a demon came on earth. like in most countries Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more. Women aren’t allowed to go out of there houses. They aren’t even allowed my there husbands to even go to the window and see the sky.  If a women did this to a man .. i would ask him how would he feel.

Secondly a girl has all the right in the world to go and learn, study. To go to a school. Why? Men say that a girl isn’t suppose to study but work in there homes all day long. What kind of logic is this? they aren’t the superior ones and we are clearly told the men and women , boy and girl, are EQUAL.

This message is to every women. If you are getting your rights , then help another women get her’s. Equality should be there. th.jpg


My apologies for not blogging for almost two months. A lot has been happening and I really want to write and here i am. I felt to lazy… i guess. I apologise again and i hope my apology has been excepted.

SO… 2018 is coming and to be honest i dread new years. i have no specific reason but i just don’t like new years. One reason is you get old. I know it sounds crazy but i HATE new years. i know we can’t prevent. when it comes i am gonna be ” crap”

i didn’t mean to ruin your new year but still my point of view. I wish you all a happy new year and i hope you have an amazing year filled with joy and that all of you make amazing

Best Wishes,




i do not know what went over me but I can’t think of anything to write ,well i have but sadly they don’t feel right.It seems like i am going through the … blocked.i am having the writer’s block.

i won’t be writing or posting anything for a while.

i hope you understand my situation.i will try to get back as soon as possible.

stay happy,


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