Yes this is my username of a account i made a few months back on Instagram and i would appericate it if you guys would promote this account. this account is my photography account and i post my random clicks you can say here. i recently started photography and i’m really interested in it so…


  ‘Everyone wants a box of chocolates.’ This Phrase ‘everyone wants a box of chocolates is related to reality. In a lot of ways. true, everyone wants a box of chocolate. everyone wants that sweetness or bitterness,the way you look at it. in there life. it comes in many flavors; milk,dark,light etc. to get that…


You think you’re the painter, but you’re the canvas. -Unknown


life? ring any bells?Anything? think. Is life to you all books and studying? Or is it be the cool back bench er,popular person? or is it to you surrounded by specific friends? or is it like me sitting on a computer typing out all these reasons of life and … you know describing them. life…

Anna Waldherr.

Read the blogs of child abuse victims and those concerned for them. Somewhere along the line, you will find mention of what the abuse damaged or destroyed outright. Our innocence. Our childhood. Our peace of mind. Our self-confidence. Our self-esteem. Our ability to trust. Our capacity to select loving partners, and sustain healthy relationships. Our […]…


Sometimes you have got to walk alone


“And sometimes i think the world is fake” ~Mia