Phases Of The DEVIL.

Hi! today i am going to share an interesting fact  with you all. they say ” Devil is among us” Well i totally disagree..i think everyone has a devil in them.Sometimes the devil takes there good side as well. i have a devil,you may have… some people seem so sweet and nice but there is something going on in there mind. Nobody is all goody goody. it depends when they unleash the devil inside them.

Devil , Devil,DEVIL… Devil is the thing that wants you to realease your most inner desire’s. the things that you want to do so so so bad. Some times people let it take control.that is sad.then you do the most terrible things.


When you let it take control it does 3 bad things:

1- Beats the living out of you.                                                                                                                      (Physical bullying)

2- Says you things that you lose.                                                                                                             (verbal bullying)

3- when you are humiliated  socially…                                                                                                   (cyber bullying)

let me tell you more…


Physical is when you punch someone,kick,smack, etc.i am not joking.most children hit the person just for fun or you don’t like that guy,jealousy.there can be a number of possible reasons.sometimes you hit lightly just as a joke.the real pain is felt when they hit with feeling… real FEELING.when they beat the living crap out of the person.when the devil takes over it hits so hard so hard that the child… 😦 i don’t have words to explain. i pray to god that no one feels this pain.NO ONE.


this one is quite just say a mean word to someone and hurt there feelings. trust me it is much much worse then that.sometimes you know a person’s dark dark secret. you have a fight with doesn’t mean you go and tell the whole secret  to the school or anybody. you don’t know what are they feeling you guys must be familiar with this quote:

“Your words have power.Use them Wisely.”


they do have power.they have so much power then you imagine. you may take the things you gave but you can’t take back what you said.BE isn’t fun to hurt someones feelings.


all the insults,the teasing ,punching.when you want to escape all of it you go to your house.YOUR home. but when the devil comes to your house that is my friend where cyber bullying starts. they put embarrassing  pictures of you on social media, make fun of you in a terrible terrible way.

this is what the demons do.they make you… i am not blaming you. but don’t let it take over you,your body, soul.


220px-Portrait_of_a_Man_Said_to_be_Christopher_Columbus.jpg    The bully doesn’t understands  the pain or they might do understand.but you have to be the person who has to understand.




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  1. Absolutely on the money! Human beings have the potential for evil. Satan need do very little, if anything, to prompt this behavior. In certain settings — cyberspace, for instance — bullies feel unrestrained by social norms or conscience, and free to express their worst propensities. Cruelty is unleashed. This makes it all the more important for the rest of to stand up to bullies. A single individual may be victimized. But together we can stand strong.


    1. thats the point. stand strong, stand strong. everyone says it. presidents,prime minister’s , dictators, mayors. everyone is saying to stand strong but what if no one wanted to stand strong??


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