I wanna stay up all night.                                                                                                                     No sleep.                                                                                                                                                   Cause I feel feel like i’m always dreaming.

All night.                                                                                                                                                   The Vamps.


13 Reasons Why??

For once and for all i want to make one thing clear to everyone. Recently a good friend of mine Anna Waldherr shared a website with me. I also thank Anna thoroughly for sharing it with me.It truly opened my eyes.The website told that recently at Colorado school district the book 13 reasons why which was influenced by the Netflix TV series was banned. they say because of this book 7 teenagers committed suicide.

I have no intention of reading or seeing the TV series.Not because that  I am scared that i will also commit suicide, because everything happening in the book or series is infulenced by reality. Some where in the country or world the same thing is happening just in a different way. We are to blind to see it.

I was going through the comments off this post and i found some very disturbing comments and were quite shocking.A person wrote:

“Suicide is an act of terrorism.These kids should be arrested & interrogated before they are allowed to kill themselves.”

How can you say THIS IS A ACT OFF TERRORISM!? you just cant write any thing about this incident! Without any proper proof! Maybe something in that book or series hit them hard  that they decided to take this step. i was very angry at this statement. Maybe they were going through something that was exactly same but in a different way,in a different method.Teenagers are not grown ups or adults.they still have a mind of a child.

IF no one is there to help them, what do you expect them to do.

The person is writing the comment like this is bullshit or a joke.it’s not.You don’t understand there feelings or there mind.Everyone is different,have a different mind.you can’t say anything about anything.IF you keep treating this like a joke you won’t understand.


THIS is what they are saying. (according to me.)

Up all night awake

Cause it haunts me.

I never got to say what i wanted.


I’m fine.

Drop tears in the morning

Give in to the lonely

Here it comes with no warning.

_ Frenship & Emily Warren __ CAPSIZE.

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You either die a hero.                                                                                                                              or                                                                                                                                                               Live long enough to see yourself become the villain

Harvey Dent.                                                                                                                                                The Dark Knight.