I don’t play by the rules of the game…

This saying is very common with me. Everyone says me that mia you are doing this wrong or that wrong… I am second tired of all this issues people have me and their judgement. Well, today face it. I don’t play by the rules of the game. I don’t and face it.

You can’t expect every person to be perfect.They are different. i myself, don’t think playing by the rules is fun. where is the fun in that. there isn’t any risk there. When you make mistakes you learn. Being perfect doesn’t teaches you anything and it never will.



Moonlight… (2)

She couldn’t sleep. she moved turned,but couldn’t. In frustration she got up, wore her hood and went out. there wasn’t a sound. No cars hooting, people walking. No there wasn’t. she was thankful. It hadn’t been a good day. she wanted to get away from all the buildings, the streets.

she went towards the woods.It was silent. the owls were hooting,bats flying around.It was silent.The moon. the only thing she liked. the woods were streaked with moonlight.It looked beautiful.The way the light flooded the woods.there was no need for a torch or any other thing to walk without falling. she walked and walked.she felt alive. she cam to a place where she could see the moon clearly. she wanted to touch it.She wanted to be among the stars. she closed her eyes…

She was there.Happy and carefree. she didn’t care.

She was there.

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Remember last year when you told me

to always stay here never leave me.

I told you the light form your eyes make it feel like,

We-e-e were dancing in the moonlight.

-Grace vanderwaal



Do you know what is moonlight?yes. everyone knows.The light which is given by the sun.you can say.But have you ever seen the real beauty of moonlight?

I, myself actually noticed this beauty a few weeks ago.So I thought I should share this with you.Actually not share but tell the inner beauty of moonlight.IT is really beautiful. trust me.

At night time.when everyone is sound asleep,lost in their own dreams,happy or sad.The moon is shining bright. It isn’t nesecssary that it has to be a full moon.it still and always will remain beautiful no matter what.As I was saying,moonlight. while everyone is sleeping,there it shines bright in the glistening dark.

moonlight is something we should notice. I will continue this description in my next post. i think you will truly understand.

truly yours,


Quote 1.05

Maybe if I sit in the rain.                                                                                                                       maybe I can drown                                                                                                                                 in something other than                                                                                                                       my own thoughts.




Yes… — The Veiled Facet

Maybe because my reality is surrounded by things that are not really ‘real’. Maybe things are more complex than meets the eye.

via Yes… — The Veiled Facet

this was so amazing and i can’t believe how you write all this amazing stuff. i hope more people see this art inside you and believe in you that you have a purpose to live her and you are not just any random person walking in the streets. i believe in you. this is what i see in my eye.

best wishes,

Changes in Blog!

Dear Blogger’s,

i would like to share something with you all.As you know that my whole blog is about bullying and how bullying impacts in your life but i am also writing about everyday life.the feelings of life , the way of living life.

This doesn’t mean that i will be shifting form anti bullying to a different topic but the way of living life is quite releated to bullying, indirectly.OR maybe not.

I hope you give this change big thumbs up and i will be blogging soon as well.

stay carefree,                                                                                                                                            mia