“it felt like a rush of memories and emotions. just hit you like a bullet in your heat” ~Amna Malik


why do people closest to your heart betray you? why do the blame every single thing on you? Is it human nature or just a bad obsession? see? my best friend did it to me. and no … wait ‘was’ best friend… i don’t think we are friends any more. so lets go then. is…

i had to.

was it really my fault? was really everything my fault. And the one thing i could never understand was how could you link everything bad happen to you link with me? maybe i wasn’t a good friend. since you liked her from the beginning i couldn’t do anything. i tried my best though. always trying…


Life is love or it depends. ~Jahan Aara Syed.

Women Rights

My Fellow bloggers, today we are going to be focusing on women rights. Have you ever even thought what does women right means. It isn’t only providing them with food, shelter. But it is much ,much more than these two things. Food everyone needs food. Food comes under every single category so does shelter. but…


My apologies for not blogging for almost two months. A lot has been happening and I really want to write and here i am. I felt to lazy… i guess. I apologise again and i hope my apology has been excepted. SO… 2018 is coming and to be honest i dread new years. i have…


Every one has a chapter they don’t read aloud. -unknown